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Power your SEO in Google Sheets.

Do keyword research, competitor research and more, all inside Google Sheets. 

Keywords in Sheets Pro (BETA) is a Google Sheets Add-On to help power your keyword research, and more, all inside Google Sheets.

What's included?

Keywords in Sheets includes five premium functions, and 10 free functions (and growing).

1. Search Volume

Get search volume for 1000s of keywords across any location, in seconds.

2. Related Keywords

Get 1,000s of related keywords for a seed keyword.

3. Competitor Keywords

Get all of the keywords your competitors are ranking for.

4. Search Results

Get search results across multiple countries and languages.

5. Questions

Get 1000s of question keywords for a seed keyword.

How many credits do I get?

For the minimum fee of $30, you'd typically get:

  1. Search Volume: 60 credits (60,000 keywords est.)
  1. Related Keywords/Questions: 48 credits (48,000 keywords est.)
  2. Competitor Keywords: 41 credits (41,000 keywords est.)
  3. Search Results: 2083 credits

Pay for what you need. Use our pricing calculator to see how many credits you could get.

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